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I’m deviating from my usual post on writing because of the level of frustration I’ve been feeling lately. I want to rant. We live in a society where we shovel around this concept in our minds that we’re civilized—like we’ve achieved some tier in the evolution of society and now all the work is done. Well, that’s the biggest crock pot stew of festering shit I’ve ever been force-fed. Let me pull out some examples of this “civilized” society we live in:

  • People care more about Miley Cyrus and her horrible transformation into some attention crazed celebrity instead of world news. You know . . . all the stuff in Syria?
  • Speaking of attention crazed people, we have an entire class of rich, publicly visible people who do nothing more than try to out crazy their last stunt. These people have a chance to use their popularity for a good cause. Instead of doing lines of coke and going to rehab three to four times like it’s a resort hot spot, they could use their visibility to further the cause of making a positive impact in the world. But no, they use it to further their own spiraling career as a tabloid celebrity. And we help them do that because we pick up those tabloids and digest all the juicy gossip they feed us instead of caring about issues that matter. Like I don’t know, the unemployment rate?
  • While our heads are so captivated by celebrity gossip, politicians and Wall Street CEOs are laughing their way to the bank. To add insult to injury, we have a whole other class of people, richer than any celebrity, secretly pulling the strings of politicians and forming public policy. There are lobbyists in the room with congressmen and women writing up exact wording to bills they need passed while we sleepwalk our way into a system where the rich take all. Wake up—we don’t have a bipartisan government. There is ONE party, and that is the money party.
  • I won’t even go down the road riddled with the potholes of racism, heteronormativity, or any framework of thinking that discriminates against a person based on religion, gender, or sexuality.
  • Everything is profit based accounting. This is a completely insane way to operate a society. Companies need to look at social costs and environmental costs for their decisions. Please stop polluting the world, and please stop moving everything offshore for cheaper labor, and please stop bailing out on taxes by hoarding your money in accounts outside the US. We have to start living in a frequency where we’re considering the future consequences of our actions. This short-sighted mentality is decaying not only Earth’s resources but decreasing the chance at a solid quality of life for our children and the generations to come.

We have the means to revamp society and truly build a world where it’s better for everyone, not only a select few. But to get to that demarcation point, people need to wake the fuck up. I completely bashed society for all of the evil in it, but there is good. I’m a firm believer that if you focus on all the wrong that you’re only going to find more and more problems. Because for all the bad, we also live in a society where:

  • People have the freedom to change. We can completely alter our way of doing things and do them better, in a way where more people are benefiting.
  • We are the most connected society to date. More and more people have access to a platform to raise their voice and start a movement. We, the users of social media, have defined these platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus to put our lives on display. These mediums can also be used to rally people to a common cause and evoke some change.
  • I believe people are inherently good, but they find themselves in situations where it’s too easy to make the wrong decision. Mistakes are great; I welcome mistakes, but only if I’m salvaging a learning experience from them. Right now it’s less to do with what has transpired and more to do with how can we start shaping the present to make a better place and have a vision for the future.

I work in the technology industry: a field where some new programming language, hardware, or way of linking the two is invented. Then, the next person surpasses it by optimizing it or trying a different, better approach altogether. How is it that we have not adopted this process of making things better in all aspects of life? Regardless of the things that form the person you are—whether you’re gay, straight, republican, democrat, rich or poor—we can all be boiled down to the fact that we’re human. And speaking to you on a human level, we are on the verge of disaster or greatness. We can strive to alter society and build a place where we get to being more civilized, or we can wither out and extinguish the flame of our society like all the great ones before us. History is a broken record of the rise and fall of people who all thought they were the greatest for their time. We can’t fall to the mentality that we’ve made it, and now we can prop our feet up. We’ve come a long way from our grandfather’s country, but there’s always another mountain to climb.

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