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State of Mind

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Cleansing State of Mind

Writing feels an awful lot like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. One with a several thousand piece count—minimum. And the pieces aren’t precut at all. I have to jerry-rig them by picking and choosing things from my environment and sharpening those people, experiences, and settings into prose, bit by bit. It’s one big mind game for me. When everything aligns, it’s an amazing high and makes me feel like I’m assembling an epic story. Characters […]


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Character Concepts

Life has rules. In this game, achieving something comes at a tradeoff. Sure you can move away from home to broaden your horizons, but realize that every time you come back to visit, your parents will seem to have aged quicker without you catching the daily nuances. You can take that shiny new job, but know that your new colleagues will have different dynamics with you, and there will be new things to learn—some of […]