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Emotional Baggage

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Car with emotional baggage glued on all sides

I am a discovery writer during the beginning of my stories. I taste, smell, and see things as my main character experiences them. This approach works for me because I need the freedom to be erratic and to explore the different paths of a story when completing my initial draft. In a way, not tackling the outline first relieves the pressure of the story. I can focus more on getting lost in the woods than […]

Freewriting Story Starters

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Writing Prompts
Treasure Chest of Freewriting

Freewriting is a must have in a writer’s arsenal of tricks. I’ve only recently added it to my writing process, but I have become a quick cult convert. For me, it’s not so much the material I freewrite—although I’ve pumped out some good chunks of text with it—but the process itself. It sharpens my writing. When I sit down to create the stuff that counts, I am better able to get a thought out fluidly. […]