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Egyptian Statue Artifact

Ancient society artifact

I was thinking about a society that has a machine which can make replicas of artifacts from past societies. The conflict of the story starts when the machine starts to replicate an artifact and then malfunctions. When the machines goes haywire, it ends up creating a living human from the society that was attached to that object.

The scale of the story can grow depending upon how many ideas you would want to address:

  • How different are the societies—the one the person came from vs. the one they got shoved into?
  • Is this the first time this has happened?
  • Who/What has control over the artifact copier?
  • How does this affect the space/time continuum?
  • [potential series ideas] Is it possible to send the copy of the person back? If you did, are they actually from that society, or are they only a human that is made based off someone from that time?
  • Who is the first person to come into contact with the copied human? How would the society at large treat them vs. the first several people they came into contact with?
  • What is the science behind the artifact copier? Does the copier have time travel capabilities where it goes into the past, copies the artifact, then pulls it into the future? Or is the machine capable of building the desired artifact from scratch similar to 3D printing TED talk link by Lisa Harouni]?

Don’t think you need this to be a futuristic society that is so far advanced from our own. 3D printing is a very real process that’s been around for 30 years. Even now progress is being made to print human organs by using cells in the printing process. The fictional element is the creation of the human “artifact.” Anyhow, you can deal with some fun plot ideas with this concept. Happy writing!

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