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Writing Prompts
Treasure Chest of Freewriting

Freewriting is a must have in a writer’s arsenal of tricks. I’ve only recently added it to my writing process, but I have become a quick cult convert. For me, it’s not so much the material I freewrite—although I’ve pumped out some good chunks of text with it—but the process itself. It sharpens my writing. When I sit down to create the stuff that counts, I am better able to get a thought out fluidly. Whether that’s a description for a character, a scene with conflict, or conveying the setting, freewriting makes my thoughts more cohesive.

When I freewrite, I sit down and write continuously for 10-15 minutes, depending on the day’s ambition level. Everything that pops into my head comes out on paper. No going back to correct, no spelling or grammar checks. After I’m done, I’m done. It’s not about being perfect or concise.

I usually don’t start with a topic and instead focus on any thoughts that come to mind. I chase them down with my war hammer for half the time and then transition to focus on making some sort of character or scene right off the fly. Today I decided to focus part of my freewriting on a specific topic: writing prompts. Here’s what I came up with for you inspiration junkies:

  • Write about a person who can steal memories.
  • Write about a world/alternate reality where there is no water.
  • Write about a time when you regretted the best decision you ever made.
  • How do the powers this person uses to survive affect people negatively?
  • Write about a vampire who absolutely detests blood.
  • When were you the happiest in your life? If that was taken away from you, how different would your life be now?
  • Write about a society that has a reversal of our own age progression. Instead of being born as babies, they are born as little old people and get younger and bigger, eventually becoming large babies that die.
  • What if Halloween costumes gave us superpowers?
  • How are there any people left in the world after a nuclear war?
  • When are the aliens hiding among us on going to reveal themselves and why?
  • What does the Department of Homeland Sorcery do?
  • You have a chip in your mind that prevents you from doing bad things . . .
  • How many times can you do something wrong before being sent to “the shredder”? What is it?
  • How are the seasons on [insert planet name] different from Earth?
  • When you die, you get to a customize your life screen to pick out your next reincarnation. What do different life features cost, and how did you accrue the currency?
  • How many resources are linked to this supercomputer that wants to overtake the world?

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